Foam WaterJet LTD



Form water Jet can take care of all your production design requirements. Our experienced staff are fully competent in all production design packages including AutoCAD.

Our design service is flexible too! We regularly liaise with clients to design bespoke components in-house and have a flair for creative thinking and problem solving.

Many of our clients approach us with finished components that simply require replication. Our designers can very quickly assimilate the physical component into an AutoCAD application and, if we have your desired material in stock, instruct our water jet technician to begin the duplication process immediately.

However you approach us with your design concept – whether it’s an AutoCAD file or even a sketch on a piece of cardboard – our designers and technicians can help you bring it to life.


Our water jet cutting system can be used to cut almost any components across a very wide spectrum of materials including Granite, Titanium, Plastics and Wood. Its unique technology gives it many advantages over traditional cutting methods:
  • Cuts a variety of materials with just one tool.
  • No direct contact between the cutting head and the work piece, resulting in minimum lateral or vertical force.
  • Virtually no induced tension or micro cracks.
  • No Heat distortion or heat effected zones.
  • Efficient use for material thicknesses up to 150mm.
With a cutting area of 4m x 2m the water jet system can machine virtually any material and thickness with a consistent and smooth cutting action and its state of the art software ensures little or no wastage of raw materials during the production run.


We are a customer focused company who understand the pressures our clients can sometimes be under to deliver to tight deadlines. To this end we operate a first class delivery policy. If we have the material you require in stock we guarantee delivery of components, UK wide, next day.